Sustainable value creation

In order to create long term and sustainable value creation an organization must consider and manage significant aspects of its operations and strategy.

Saminvest should contribute to value creation in a way that promotes long-term sustainable development. This means that, in the light of the industry and the markets in which we operate, we seek to identify and minimise the risk of negative impacts of our operations, while also taking advantage of new business opportunities and innovative thinking for sustainable value creation. This includes both material sustainability issues and also digitalisation and systematic security work.

Strategic targets for sustainable value creation

The strategic goals for sustainable value creation should focus on creating value that is both sustainable and material.

Saminvest has four strategic targets for creating sustainable value:

1. Complement the market

Saminvest invests in funds that invest in companies that are active in industries and phases where private capital alone is not sufficiently available.

2. Develop the ecosystem for venture capital

Saminvest should contribute to develop the Swedish eco system and the Swedish market for venture capital. This is achieved by, among other things, investing in new teams, encouraging, and investing together with private capital, advocating for an even distribution of women and men in funds’ investment organizations. We also monitor the proportion of our funds that report the impact of their investments on the UN sustainable development goals.

3. Vitalize Swedish entrepreneurship

The capital that Saminvest invests is aiming to vitalize Swedish entrepreneurship. This is done by facilitating investing together with private capital in funds that invest in new innovative companies with a growth potential.

4. Preserve capital over time

Over time, Saminvest should be a self-financed “evergreen” company, where returns can be reinvested in new funds and angel investor programs. To ensure its operations long term viability, it is important that Saminvest preserves its capital in real terms through returns on its investments.

Saminvest’s progress towards its strategic goals for sustainable value creation is assessed every year in the annual report.

Saminvest’s progress towards its sustainable value creation target, matched with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)

Saminvest's progress towards its sustainable value creation target, matched with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)