Our investment process

We treat all investment proposals equally and evaluate them all with the same analysis model. In cases where applications do not result in investment, we provide clear feedback to the teams that submitted proposals.

We want to give the teams managing the funds we work with full insight into what is required and expected. Therefore, it’s important to have clarity throughout the investment process. Every investment comes with the active participation of Saminvest. Our efforts can be the difference between whether a fund is formed or not. Our goal is to help the management team and provide the fund with support to raise enough capital.

Our discussions with funds do not always result in an investment. Sometimes Saminvest’s anchor investment is not needed, but the fund can raise enough capital on its own. Sometimes the fund proposal does not meet our requirements. If that’s the case, we give detailed feedback so that the fund has the opportunity to adapt its strategy or change its structure and re-submit to us a new funding proposal at a later date. For questions about the process, please email fundadmin@saminvest.se.

From proposal to investment

Investment proposal submission: A proposal to invest in a fund is submitted via Saminvest’s website.
Introductory meeting: After Saminvest has received the investment proposal, an introductory meeting is held to discuss the proposal. Thereafter, an initial assessment is made of whether the fund appears to meet Saminvest’s criteria and whether it would be interesting to invest in the fund.
In-depth meeting: If the investment proposal meets Saminvest’s criteria and is deemed interesting, the fund team will be invited to present the fund structure to Saminvest.
Due diligence: Saminvest meets the fund team to conduct a deeper evaluation of the fund. Prior to the meeting, the team is asked to fill out a questionnaire (DDQ - Due Diligence Questionnaire).
Investment decision: Saminvest decides whether it should invest in the fund or not. Prior to the decision, a so-called “term sheet” is drawn up (document with main conditions) and background checks are made of the team’s most senior members.
Agreement: Prior to an investment commitment, an investment agreement and any side agreement is signed. The agreements contain the terms that the fund’s management team and Saminvest agree on.
Management and follow-up: Once the fund has started its operations, the management phase begins. During the fund’s lifetime, Saminvest monitors the fund’s development and participates in the fund’s advisory committee. Great emphasis is placed on the follow-up of sustainability issues.