FAQ Saminvest

What kind of funds does Saminvest invest in?

Saminvest invests in venture capital and private equity funds that develop Sweden’s most promising growth companies. Saminvest’s investment focus includes venture capital funds, from pre-seed to growth. In addition to Swedish funds, Saminvest also invests in international venture capital funds when the fund strategy has a true value-add to the Swedish ecosystem. Saminvest invests together with private investors, on equal terms and with equal expectations for returns. We also invest through business angel investment programs in co operation with excellence incubators in Sweden.

Who are Saminvest’s co-investors?

In fund investments, Saminvest’s co-investors include for example institutional investors, European Investment Fund EIF, family offices and foundations. In business angel investments programs investments are made with business angels, incubators and business angel investment companies.

Does Saminvest have certain focus areas in its fund investments?

No, Saminvet invest broadly in areas where enough private capital is scarce at the time of the investment. Saminvest aim to fill market gaps impeding innovative and promising companies to grow due to the lack of financing.

Where does Saminvest’s funding come from?

Saminvest is a 100% state-owned investment company founded in 2016.

Will Saminvest invest in my innovative and promising start-up company?

No, Saminvest only invests in funds.