Saminvest strives to achieve more than just returns and profits. We want to help more private equity fund teams get up and running, thereby improving the growth conditions for Swedish innovative companies.

Saminvest invests in privately managed private equity funds. Our evaluation and selection process identifies funds that meet the market requirements and increase private investors’ confidence to co-invest. In this way, fast-growing companies obtain access to owners with not only the financial muscle that’s required, but also valuable ownership expertise. Ultimately, Saminvest’s initiatives will create a better ecosystem for private equity. 

In order to be a long-term, self-financed fund investor, Saminvest must reinvest the return and capital from its divested funds in new funds.

Saminvest was set up by the Swedish government in 2016. In total, Saminvest manages assets worth approximately SEK 5 billion.